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Exclusive new decorations direct
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It’s one of the most fun times of the year when the latest round of Christmas Drinking Straws  tree decorations get delivered to our office. My staff and I get to evaluate just how good a job we’ve done in selecting some interesting pieces. This year I had a great deal of fun researching Christmas tree decorations on the web. And there are some really wacky ornaments out there from Barack Obama baubles to Sushi baubles to The Beatles. Each box gets opened and we (all the staff and I) check out what we love/like/not so keen on.

My favourites christmas decorations are always the whimsical characters.  Patience Brewster is an American artist and her fabulous animals are one of my Party favor favourites.  We bought a small range of her serving plates and 1/2 the staff (including myself) bought one on the spot.Our aim is always to excite and inspire with beautifully decorated Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths and thousands of gorgeous hanging and table top decoration.  Our 2015 Christmas Shop is no exception.
Here are some photos of our most current location.  We have been here for 3 years and these photos show you some of our current and previous displays.
We know Christmas printed straw shopping for the men in your life can sometimes be difficult, especially when the items on their list are out of your element. Just as jewelry is the classic go to gift for women, power tools generally make it to the top of most men’s Christmas lists.
Let’s be honest here, the average woman is pretty clueless when it comes to shopping for tools, that’s why we have put together these helpful tips to make your gift buying experience a success. Who knows, if you play your cards right you may even get a few things fixed around the house in the New year!For those of you in Melbourne, or visiting Melbourne, our christmas gift  store lets us know which are your favourite displays.
The other Christmas Tree Decorations I’m dying to see is a range of glass baubles I bought from Germany back in January.  They should be arriving next week and I look forward to playing with them and dressing a tree or two.There are so many beautiful hanging decorations and I’m looking forward to bringing my kids into the store this week end to choose their annual special piece.  We have so many clients who enjoy this special annual event and it’s great to be part of it.

Whatever you do please resist the urge to buy anything with flowers or pretty patterns, cute as you think that pink hardware set is it probably wont appeal to the man you are shopping for nearly as much. If you find yourself color coordinating you have gone too far! Men don’t care if their new saw matches their toolbox, or whether the red hammer clashes with the orange one. Take a deep breath and stick to the standard  party wedding supplies colors, you will be fine.Do you dream of a superb hot roast Christmas dinner but miss out each year because it is just too hot in Australia to enjoy it?  Fear not, there is a solution. 

Why not get some friends or family together to enjoy Christmas in July.
Christmas in July is believed to have begun in the Blue Mountains, NSW  in July 1980.  A group of Irish tourists came up with the idea of celebrating Chevron Paper Straws  Christmas in the cold weather as they were craving the winter Christmas traditions they grew up with.Do you want it to match with your interior display? It isn’t necessary because there is obviously clear separation between the two locations, but it might be important to you.Can you secure your wreath to the door? Unfortunately this is something we must consider these days. My wreath, for example, can be wired onto my security door so I’m very confident no-one will go to the trouble of taking it from my door. Therefore, I’m also comfortable having a more expensive wreath on my door. If security is a concern, don’t over invest in your wreath.Most doors can take a 45 or 60cm wreath. If you have double doors you might want two smaller wreaths rather than one large.If your front door is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of the day, you are likely to have fading on any wreath you purchase. Therefore, mesh is a good option, or a green wreath that you can change the decorations on after a couple of years.
Today, people see Christmas craft paper bag in July as a great opportunity to get together with friends, pop a cracker and have some fun.  While some people go to the effort of setting up loads of their Christmas decorations, here are a few simple decorating/entertaining tips to create instant Christmas in July amosphere.

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