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Happy Holidays!
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Each mommy received a beautiful box with a customized Tissue paper pom pomsin it.  Each bracelet was adorned with letter charms representing each child.  Each place setting had a customized Cookie with a sweet Jelly Belly flower on it and the girls took home lovely hand decorated butterfly cookies.
There were 3 tables total at this party (I have a tendency to go a little overboard!! LOL!) The third table was our drink table.  The kiddos sipped on fresh raspberry lemonade and the mommies sipped champagne, of course!

Other sweet aspects of this party were simple beautiful touches like floral crowns for the guests, Jelly Belly “Seed” favors and Bakers twine  sweet printed table signs.  The mommies and daughters had a delightful afternoon enjoying the sun and blooming together.
So, for a fun twist on this concept during back to school week this year, I thought it would be cute to literally S-P-E-L-L out some messages for my little one (who just started Kindergarten) and some of her playdate friends using cookies. ;)
So, I made these PB+C Alphabet Cookies Bars with the Krusteaz Double Peanut Butter cookie mix, a schmear of creamy peanut butter, chocolate frosting, and these small Alphabet Cookie Cutters that I found on Amazon. You can whip up your favorite chocolate frosting recipe to use in the middle OR make life super easy by using store-bought chocolate frosting…which is the route that I chose. #embraceshortcuts right?!
And speaking of “fun twists”… this post comes with one too. I made these cookie bars on a day when we were having out of town guests over that evening. They were really good friends we’ve had for Y-E-A-R-S that always know to just make themselves at home… unfortunately I didn’t realize until it was too late that a few of them had found these paper treat bags   cookie bars and assumed they were fair game for late night dessert.
SO….. I had to photograph the remaining bars for this post using a mix of toy letters and alphabet bars. The silver lining is that the toy letters added a nice pop of color to the images… and now we’ve already come up with a solution you can use at home if you’re suddenly missing a letter or two of your own. ;)
Since this is one of my Baker’s Dozen recipes for Krusteaz, you’ll find the full recipe with instructions over on Krusteaz.com.

This is a fun & simple concept that could work literally ANY time of year, not just for back to school! You can spell out a name, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I LOVE YOU, CONGRATS, YOU’RE SWEET, the list goes on… I would really love to find a small paper straws # symbol so we can make funny hashtags too. And I’m already planning to make a “HO, HO, HO” version for Christmas using the Krusteaz Sugar Cookie mix + red and white frosting. Fun, right?!I worked on a handful of recipe videos for Krusteaz®, and this recipe is actually my personal favorite of the bunch… I hope you like it too! The combo of sauteed pears and creamy Gorgonzola is such a yummy mix of sweet & savory, and the candied walnut garnish adds a nice bit of crunch. The layered pear slices also make for a very pretty visual display, which is always a great quality when serving at a Christmas decoration  party!

I used the new Italian Herb Flatbread Mix from Krusteaz for the crust. It bakes in 10 minutes flat and keeps things fast & easy in the kitchen… which is exactly how I need them to be most of the time, myself. ;)I amso much so that it inspired me to collect the best ideas for Lego Tables that I could find, just to help us all out!  These tables help keep the kids creations together safely on a table that was meant for such building. You have got to check out all the great IKEA Hacks too, like the Easiest Ever DIY Lego Play Table, Lego Playhouse, LACK Kids Table for Lego, Lego Storage and Play Table: An Easy IKEA Hack, Lego and Car Table, DIY Lego Table, IKEA Hack – DIY Lego Table, DIY IKEA Trofast Lego Table, and IKEA Side Table to Lego Table. The DIY  party straws for the Floor are great trays for the boys to use on the floor and they can easily be put out of sight when theres company or its time to clean up. There are even plenty of great suggestions for repurposing older pieces of furniture youve already got setting around – check out the Lego Table, How to Make an Easy Lego Table, DIY Lego Tray, Lego Play table with Storage, DIY Lego Table, Convert Your Train Table into a Lego Table, and Coffee Table Reused as a Rockin Lego table. If youre feeling ambitious, there are directions and plans for How to Make a Lego Table out of Wood or the Portable Lego Creation Station or even How to Build a Lego Table. For a quick fix, use plastic bins for the Lego Building Table or Plastic Bin Lego Table. The Ultimate Lego Table and DIY Lego Wall Storage are great ideas for sorting Legos in a creative way that doubles as home decor, at least for a boys bedroom. The Lego My Messy Legos table has plenty of drawer space for organizing pieces by size or color. The Portable Lego Kit for Little Travelers is perfect for those long trips. Check out these ideas and get ready to see your floor again!

You can find the full Pear & Gorgonzola Flatbread recipe over on the Krusteaz website, or watch our video below for a tutorial. My favorite ways to serve this flatbread are in generous slices alongside a hearty salad or cut into small rectangles for a festive appetizer.

P.S. If you’re on the lookout for holiday Christmas straws party inspiration, you’ll find plenty of that below, too, from a few of my favorite DIY decor ideas to festive printables you can download for free.

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